Today’s May 3rd 2021 Beautiful Hadith is about Obedience

Today’s May 3rd 2021 Beautiful Hadith is                        about Obedience

Jabir bin Abdullah narrated: “The Messenger of Allah went to Makkah in the Year of the Conquest, so he fasted until he reached Kura Al-Ghamim and the people were fasting with him. Then it was said to him: ‘The fast has become difficult for the people, and they are watching you to see what you will do.’ So after Asr, he called for a cup of water and drank it while the people were looking at him. Some of them broke the fast while some of them continued their fasting. It was conveyed to him that people were still fasting, so he said: “Those are the disobedient.’”

Jami` at-Tirmidhi , Book 8, Hadith 29

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